A musical interlude

I haven’t written here for a while, and while I should probably be writing something about the Labour Leadership Campaign, or how I have reacted to the Pope’s visit or something, I really can’t be bothered. Instead, you get my opinion on two albums I’ve been listening to lately. I’m no music critic (as will quickly become apparent), but I need to write something. So here it is.

I’ve been listening to Maroon 5’s new album today – Hands All Over. Its growing on me I think. Its no Songs About Jane, nor have I taken to it as with It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, but it is undeniably Maroon 5.

3rd albums are always tricky things to get right, and personally I can only think of a handful of 3rd albums that I like. Hands I think will grow on me though. It won’t be an instant hit like Songs (still one of my all time favourite albums), and I don’t know that I’ll grow to love it like I did with IWBSBL, but I think I’ll like it none the less.

As much as I love Songs, I liked the change in pace from the perhaps more ‘ballad-y’ album to their second, slightly stronger, one. This album drops back a touch – its not as heavy as IWBSBL. But I can’t help thinking that maybe it suffers slightly for this. It’s not that I need thinly veiled references to sex – or indeed veil-less references, which they do equally well – in my music, but its something I’ve come to expect from Levine and co. and I quite like them for it. Can’t put my finger on why – perhaps is the wimpy rebel in me, being naughty without swearing? I don’t know.

Never-the-less, I like it. It might turn into one of those albums whose songs I may not necessarily chose to listen to, but I won’t skip if they come up on shuffle.

Anyway, I’ve also just started listening to The Script’s new album – Science and Faith. (Yay for new music binges) I was a massive fan of their first album and, from what I’ve listened to so far, this is more of the same.

That, from me, is a compliment. I don’t understand people who don’t like artists for being ‘samey’. I’m of the opinion that if I like an artist, then why would I want them to change their sound? If I want to listen to something different, then I listen to a different artist.

Nothing more I can say really, I like the their sound and I love the lyrics (I warned you I would suck as a music critic…). 10 tracks is a nice number too. While my ‘samey isn’t bad’ comment still stands, they don’t need to be huge albums. Maroon 5’s album seems, by comparison, to drag ever so slightly.

That said, from my point of view its a pretty pointless criterion to mark an album on. I rarely listen to albums the whole way through, normally I stick my iPod on shuffle, or I make a Genius playlist and go with that.

That’s all from this poor excuse for a musical musing. Until next time.